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Sending emails to teachers

  • Me: Sounding extremely formal, using fancy words, correcting grammar and spelling at least 63 times.
  • Teacher: Ok lol thanxx :-)
Is it just me or Paris Jackson and Jared Leto look alike

Is it just me or Paris Jackson and Jared Leto look alike

Anonymous asked: what happened between sofia and kylie,, please explain your the only blog that i trust with these things!


Aww i really which i could explain it but there is not so much to explain because nobody really know. But here is what i know:
It have been a long time since kylie and sofia hang out. First i didn’t Think about it, i mean its not like you see your friends everybody. But then its now more than a month since they hang out, and it was a little bit weird considering that they used to hang out all the time. And suddenly pia mia stopped hanging out with kylie too, and then only hang out with sofia. So i found out that they are “fighting” a couple of days ago when sofia wrote on her tumblr “sad to know that not even your family is on your site” and kylie wrote on her tumblr “because your side isn’t the right one” and then sofia wrote “LOL” . Thats all i know :)

But kylie nd pia were together few days ago